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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

I also give it an 8. It's a well made film, no doubt. If it had come out before the first X-men film it would have made a bigger impression on me. Instead I found myself enjoying it but somewhat impatiently waiting for Days of Future Past in the back of my mind.

The film had an important purpose beyond telling this story, and that was to help soften the blow of X3 and Origins. It did that. I can now watch X3 knowing that I can then watch this and watch Logan deal with the silliness that went on in that film in a non-silly way.

I agree with the comments made that this was the Wolveirne film that we should have seen instead of Origins. It effectively redeemed Jackman as Wolverine preparing us for the re-emerging of the X-men together again in Days of Future Past.
It felt kind of like Captain America and Thor did when I first watched them the year before Avengers was to be released. As though it was important to watch, but that it was really simply a precursor for an incredible film that I have to wait a year to see.

I can't wait for Days of Future Past!

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