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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Hashada makes sense, but again, that still could have happened without the old man having to fake his death. He still could have sent people after Wolverine, and it would have been less trouble because there would have been no assassination attempt on Mariko, which lead to Logan escaping.

There was a small power squabble in the family, but Shigin was appeased by thinking he would inherit the business. There was no issue with Mariko until the old man made one by naming her the inheritor...which he didn't need to do.

So again, him faking his death didn't give him any edge. Aside from keeping Logan in Japan another day. But with his money and power, I really can't believe that he couldn't have found a way to delay Logan anyway.

All faking his death did was actually waste some of his precious time.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
They were only just finding out that Mariko had inherited the company, we saw her being told that night...which would lead us to believe that Shingen had just learned this as well, otherwise the hit on Mariko would have happened sooner. I think Shingen assumed he would inherit the company and that he would be able to further his own politcal ambitions to with the arranged marriage he'd planned for Mariko.

Yashida had simply assumed Logan would want to die. He'd been following him for at least a year, saw him suffering, and was obsessed enough to honestly believe that giving Logan the opportunity to end his own life was repayment for saving him.

Faking his death was really the Plan B...and it was less of a planned fakeout than it was a need to get him somewhere that would keep him alive longer. They had to do it, it's not necessarily what they wanted to do.

It was a huge family power squabble that had clearly gone on for years, as long as Yashida had been obsessed, and how deeply rooted Shingen's hated of mutants was. When Shingen was fighing Wolverine, he was yelling how "their kind" had brought ruin to his family.

On a side note, I'm insanely jealous that you got to meet Hugh.

I'm still in shock that I got to meet him. I got picked to go up on stage and ask him a question before the movie. It was crazy!!!!!

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