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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - Part 61

Originally Posted by zryson View Post
I dont think so - most people have things they want to see in a movie. One of the biggest things I want to see is emotional depth to the characters. Its one of the reasons so many people felt the Metropolis destruction scene was overlong - because all too often what audiences got in Man of Steel was a loud, action driven CGI experience but little depth (emotional development) to the characters.
Man of steel has faux depth, where they skirted a lot about the thematic material, but never really applied it to the characters in a natural way to make us care about any of it. Clark gets bullied! now his bully is his friend! Clark is lonely! look at him cowering in a closet! look at him frowning on a swing while the hans zimmer music plays! Look at zod trying to get his people back! look at jor el trying to reason with zod over the deterministic nature of krypton society! look at this weird cgi effect that explains the horrors of kryptonian expansionism!

If you are going to use all these great ideas, make sure your director + writer are smart enough to use it, if not...then don't! and make it a much simpler and more palatable movie! Zack Snyder and Man of Steel reminds me of those people who think they are smarter than they actually are, but their nature (in his case, loud and brash action sequences) always takes over in the end.

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