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Default Re: Superhero Cinematic Civil War - - Part 42

Originally Posted by Blackman View Post
He hesitated breaking into Pym's house, he hesitates/has reservations becoming Ant-Man, he pauses for a second before going sub-atomic...

Scott really isn't that more reckless than most heroes. He's not like how Hal Jordan is often shown to be.

Yeah... which shows that even when he takes a moment to consider doing the most dangerous stuff, he is still gonnna end up doing it. Being asked to join Cap's Avengers in a fight is not as much of a danger as venturing into the unknown where he has no idea what he is going to find and is all alone. Here, he is part of a team. Really, you have gone from claiming his actual decision making in the movie was inconsistent to his character to "but he did not even take a moment coz he took that half second in his own movie when making completely more dangerous decisions where he was alone"... If that does not tell you you dont even have a semblance of a point here, nothing will.

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