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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by Gamma Ray View Post
Iron Man was a decent film. Nothing incredible or amazing at all. If you've seen the trailers you've essentially seen the film. It didn't go much deeper than any other Marvel film (not including Hulk), and it was basically standard Marvel fare (something happens to guy, guy becomes hero, guy's girl is threatened/kidnapped, final fight).

Decent?? That is funny,7/10 seems more than decent,and even though you rated that. IMO,you got to be kidding me!!! Calling Iron Man decent?
What makes the movie more than decent is that the script was so fresh and that it's one of those comic book movies that managed to make me like 96% of it basically. Heck,as much I as I liked BB,that movie didn't even accomplish that,and I think a certain something I said is saying something really positive and strong.

You might as well watch EXTREME lameness like the overrated Spiderman 1 and 2 movies IMO. Now those movies are decent at best. I'm not being biased,I am just being honest from my perspective. Robert was that damn good as Iron Man and unbelievable in a positive fashion!

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