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Default Re: The Official Iron Man Rate & Review Thread

Good film. I enjoyed it, it was a fun ride.

Special Effects were as good as I've seen in a film
Robert Downey Jr was pretty damn good (though not nearly as good as some are making out)
Sparkling dialouge (though a lack of quotable lines IMO)
Great character interaction
The fact that it didn't focus on the action, instead wisely opting for a more character driven approach
Energetically directed

Did at times feel more like the setup for a franchise than a movie in its own right
Pacing issues. The second half was considerably weaker than the first half
Humour overdone at times
Weak villans
Awful score
Predictable plot

Overall, despite the fact it was unoriginal and slightly overhyped (even found RDJ's preformance slightly underwhelming I'm afraid), it's rather hard not to like this film and it gave me a fun thrill ride for two hours that allowed me to overlook its unoriginality and the fact it was typical superhero fodder as opposed to anything fresh or new. But I have to admit it got around this problem by doing it so well. would probably consider it the second best Marvel film yet (still held by Spiderman 2) and overall, the third best film in the genre


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