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Default Re: How should Superman fight?

First...what to avoid. Anything Matrix-like, for starters. No stylized martial arts, either. Anything like Chan, Lee, Van Damme, Segal...get rid of it. There are some elements of Keysi Fighting Method (used for The Batfilms) that I think could work (especially some of the ground stuff). Like one earlier poster, I agree that wrestling would be a trip to put in the fight scenes. There are some particularly nasty slams that would look great on film, if done right (I'm thinking a DDT through some concrete as a warm-up). Also, Supes should be deliberate when fighting and not just some untamed brawler who fights like the local lush down at Tootie's Bar and Grill every Saturday. Finally, the use of his powers should be creative and should also be mixed in with some clever usage of the environment around him (I'm thinking makeshift weapons?).

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