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Default Re: How should Superman fight?

Originally Posted by Kal Prime View Post
I think Superman should fight smoothly, as people have said before in this thread, he's not a 'trained' fighter, but in my opinion, he has plenty of experiance!! I think his attacks should flow seamlessly, between big punches, throws, heat vision, flying spears, big slams,ect... Just make it look natural, and try to actually do something to show how powerful he truly is, as he is meant to be practically a god!! I dont feel that in any of the films or tv shows that have come before he's been shown to be as strong as he actually is.

Exactly! Plus Supes has studied all forms of fighting most likely without needing to be actually trained in those disciplines.

Whatever it takes for him to win, is the way he should fight.

I can see him fighting much like how Ozymandias did in Watchmen, but with more power and force.

Superman is after all faster than a speeding bullet and Ozy was supposed to be pretty damn fast in Watchmen.

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