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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by KillerCarlson View Post
How exactly do you figure? After the absolute brutal Batman and Robin, if there were ever two villains that need rebooting its Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. I just dont think we will see Poison Ivy anytime soon.
Bane was lucky to be such a small character that was barely marketed or used with any meaning (no real dialogue). Otherwise they may have talked to Nolan about not using Bane. Of course, it was right after TDK so Nolan could have done anything he wanted.

But those days will be gone for a little while.

Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy were MAJOR parts of Batman & Robin. Think of the character of Robin (Dick Grayson or other) as the sidekick, suited up alongside Batman. WB and filmmakers are still unsure when to do that again. The end of TDKR was a very different and subtle situation. At this point only Affleck as a director has a chance over the next decade or so to win over the suits in the way that Nolan did, and then the studio would let him do whatever he wanted. Including using Robin/Freeze/Ivy.

It might be a lonnnnng time before we see those characters, especially the villains.

Robin or Nightwing may be referenced or get cameos but a whole movie built around them? Only Affleck has the power to do it because of his Oscar AND if Batman vs Superman does really well. 20? 25? 30 years after last seeing that character? When will we see him again?

I don't care if us fanboys know the real Mr Freeze or enjoy Pamela Isley. WB have to sell it to a general audience. Freeze = a fantastical universe. Can they do it with this Snyderverse? Maybe. But you can bet a years worth of salary right now that they're not touching them until Riddler & Penguin get done properly. They're more well known in pop culture, better for marketing and probably more appealing to most directors.

Im not holding my breath for Freeze.

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