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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

Disclaimer: I know nothing of archery

Random thought re: Hawkeyes uniform/why he has the two wrist guards (or whatever they are) on his right forearm/his bow(?) arm (I know there was 'issues' taken with that as it seemed to indicate that it meant that he sucked at archery... and sorry for bringing it up... but it was a 'lightening has struck my brain' moment -- yes... it hurt )

Anywho, when I saw it for the 3rd time the other day, I'm wondering if his wrist guard is set up the way it is specifically for the off chance that he'll need to use that grapple arrow. It seemed like during his fall, the camera kind of focused on his bow arm (might need to watch it a 4th time to verify...oh the torture!). Seems like that rope/cable would probably do a number on his arm if he didn't have the guard... so maybe the second brace (or whatever - sorry for not knowing the technical terms) that archers don't normally have is to help minimize possible 'rope burn'/injury more for the event that the grapple is used than for being there for the firing of more 'standard' arrows.

Does that make sense? Sorry if it doesn't, like I said... it was just a thought that randomly entered my head

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