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Default The official JUSTICE discussion thread (#9 review added)

This thread deals with the hot JUSTICE series by the great Alex Ross.

To begin this topic, here is my reviews for the first two issues:


I was planning to buy this series once it was collected in a Hardcover or a Trade Paperback. But once I found out it was bi-monthly, I thought it would be hard to remember it when it came out. Then one day in a comic shop, I saw the 3rd printing of Issue #1. One left. I thought what the hell and got it.

First of all, its good they used this cover. The 1st printing's cover wasn't all that great in my mind, I don't know why but it just wasn't settling on my side. The 2nd printing's wasn't bad nor wasn't it good, let's say it was too "white". The 3rd print was finally golden. Why? Well the cover of the top seven looking at the far distance fits perfectly for a comic called JUSTICE and its focuses on a JUSTICE League of America. Get it?

Anyway, the story starts out with what we saw in a preview partly in Wizard magazine then the other few pages on sites like Newsarama. The coming of the end of the world that the JLA can not stop. Luckily its all a dream, sadly its shared by every supervillian of the world. Later, Aquaman goes to investigate a huge black dome in the water. Its belongs to Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom...

I always loved Alex Ross' artwork after reading Batman: War on Crime, then Kingdom Come, and The World's Greatest Super-Heroes (collecting the six Dini/Ross books). It doesn't matter who the writer is, he always does great stories because he is the one who comes up with it, he just needs someone to write it out or like it is here, he might need someone else to throw ideas around.

Anyway, the first issue here, from its artwork and the return of the old roots of many characters is brillant. Even at a standard page length for comic book issues, you get a feeling of "OMG, this is great. Can't wait for the next!". The story is obiviously about the JLA vs. Legion of Doom. If I didn't see those JLU episodes airing at the UK (as of 2/8/06), I would think both the show and the story were going to be similar. Good thing it ain't because that gives us two different stories and not just one being rehashed in tw different universes.

RATING: 10/10


I had gotten Issue 3 but had to wait for Issue 2 so I couldn't wait for the third issue. All because I wanted to wait for the collection. Anyway, I got the new printing of Issue 2 with the Batman cover on it from a new comic book store. Let's get started.

Just like my review for Issue 1 and its 3rd cover, I want to talk first about the cover here: Batman. Now the first printing's cover was fine. But it had Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman, whom didn't appear here. So the second printing's fit this story since its about Batman, its a comic tale on him.

As I've said, its a Batman tale in this issue. The story is about The Riddler stealing data on on EVERYTHING on the JLA, including who they really are. While Batman chases him down and they fight on the streets, to a club called the "Batcave", to the graveyard, the search goes on for Aquaman.

I don't know what to say except that the quality that was in the first issue contrineus here. Batman had more of a Keaton look to him. You have this feeling of his voice beign the great Kevin Conroy when he talks in the issue. Also, the Riddler appears and looks great. Nothing like all of his incarnations. You also get the John Glover voice of the BTAS/TNBA Riddler when you read this too.

It was great seeing the Batmobile and more of Alex Ross' Gotham City and Arkham Asylum. And Ross seems to be playing the changing Batcaves as it happened in the previous Batman film series as this version of the Batcave is very different from the one previously in War on Crime and Liberty and Justice. But hey, I still love it.

RATING: 10/10

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