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Default Re: Question about playing PS1 games on a PS2.. please help

the PS1 card is a Pelican and i think like 98% of all PS1 games play on PS2 there was like a small list of games that would not work on the PS2 but they were like off the wall games that hardly anybody ever played.

EDIT: while you can hook up Component (red/blue/green for video red/white for audio) AV cables to the PS2, PS1 games will NOT play over component only Composite (the yellow/white/red cable that comes with every PS2 or PS3 standard). I keep my standard composite cable hooked up to my LCD TV's ONLY component in on the back and when I ever want to play PS1 games I just unplug the AV cable from the back of the PS2 and plug in the composite AV cable to the PS2.

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