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Default Re: Firefly's Fillion Moves into Castle

Originally Posted by carrrnuttt View Post
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Not sure if I'm ready for that yet. For that matter, the show. It will DRAMATICALLY change how Castle [should be] in the show.
After five seasons it is time to try some different material. A conflicted darker Castle would be good for this show. The shows always been a bit too chipper about murder and dead bodies anyways. At some point it has to get to Castle. This could be that point.

Look at it this way, a fall has to be coming. Castle has the girl and things are going pretty good. Yet, this show has no end in sight. They can't keep Castle on this perch forever. Also, that thing his ex told Becket about knowing next to nothing about Castle or his past is true for us as well. We know plenty about Becket, but Castle is never explored beyond the surface. I want to see more of his demons, his weaknesses, and more about his father. I can't help but think Castle has some skeletons in his closet. Killing Alexis could lead to the exploration of his character which is something this show desperately needs.

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