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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

Originally Posted by Gamma Goliath View Post
The fact that many people respond with smileys and personal insults gives a lot of credence to this author's point: that many fans are illogically loyal to the MCU franchise.

Disney’s Acquisition Of Marvel

Not legit. Marvel was always going to be kid friendly, that's where the money is.

Poorly Set-Up Cinematic Universe

Somewhat legit. They've had to handwave a couple things. Most of it has grown in a naturalistic way.

Too Much Damn Comedy

Ill-worded. The over reliance on comedy makes for poorer films. More thought to theme, dialogue, story and drama would make for higher quality films that stand the test of time rather than films that simply last long enough for the next one.

It’s The Producer’s Vision Over The Director’s

Legit. This extends to the actors. Marvel has capitalized on their position and changed the balance of power between the studio and the directors and the actors too.

Nobody Seems To Care About Plot Inconsistencies

Not legit. Not only are most inconsistencies dealt with in the films, but they have prequel comics to deal with ones that would be obtuse to explain in films. So clearly, several people care.

The Heroes Are Inconsistent

Not legit. The arcs for each character have been consistent and natural.

The Critics Now Live In A Bubble

Legit. The MCU is much higher rated than it would be if they were standalone films.

There’s A New Schism Between Comic Book Fans And Non-Comic Book Fans

Not legit. There are just more non-comic book fans for the old old schism.

The Villains Are Lame

Legit. Outside of Loki, everyone else is mediocre on film. Whiplash being left on the cutting room floor is case in point that the MCU doesn't care about their villains, because they don't need them to be deep/interesting/important for financial and critical success due to the above.

Plot-Induced Stupidity

Not legit. All of that stuff is totally explained. Not liking an explanation doesn't make it stupid.

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