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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000 View Post
Must resist...urge to...swoon...>_<

P.S. Image saved to my hard drive now.

But clearly it's the way he moves that is just plain sexy too. I mean just looking at the way he moves those hips when he walks, I'd theorize he adds a little extra movement if you get my drift.

He does have swagger!

Originally Posted by Silvermoon View Post
I just have to say, it's so nice to be able to come in here on a sucky Monday morning *IHateMondays* and whether it's Elizah being a wonderful tumblr image posting fangirl *this fangirl thanks you Elizah!!*, or the playful banter regarding Elizah's choice of images, it definitely brings a smile on an otherwise typically annoying day of the week.

That's all
glad I could make someone smile, even if *someone* doesn't care for the subject matter.

Okay, jaqua99. Here's something I'd like to hear from you about, in Avengers that bullet from Hawkeye's gun appears to at least graze him, and then heal immediately, and yet other times he doesn't seem to heal quickly (like after Hulk smashes him)... So this confuses me, inconsistency in the film or is there a reason for this? And of course he's actually a Frost giant, or at least half one as I've hypothesized, and judging by the Frost Giant battle they are not nearly as hard to take down as the Asgardians.... so again this aspect of MCU Loki has me confused. Any ideas about this?

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