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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post

He does have swagger!

glad I could make someone smile, even if *someone* doesn't care for the subject matter.

Okay, jaqua99. Here's something I'd like to hear from you about, in Avengers that bullet from Hawkeye's gun appears to at least graze him, and then heal immediately, and yet other times he doesn't seem to heal quickly (like after Hulk smashes him)... So this confuses me, inconsistency in the film or is there a reason for this? And of course he's actually a Frost giant, or at least half one as I've hypothesized, and judging by the Frost Giant battle they are not nearly as hard to take down as the Asgardians.... so again this aspect of MCU Loki has me confused. Any ideas about this?

Trying to ignore those images of him in a suit and butt in on the last bit of your post instead.

Are you talking about that dark streak on his right temple? Is that a wound or is it a piece of his hair that's just gotten on his face and then (with his movement) moves off of his face? (it's hard to tell in the gif and sadly I'm not at home where I can check my blu-ray). I thought the bullets in the opening sequence bounced off of him (either due to his being Jotun/Asgardian, or else some sort deflection ability from the scepter).

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