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Default Re: Frank Millers Superman?

I agree with what Matt Rhodes said in response to that on Comics Cube.

Matt Rhodes said... I think Superman was portrayed
well in DKR.

Superman is not without his own deal of suffering at the hands of the Soviet/US standoff, taking the 'bullet' that Bruce (as a human) never could by stopping the missile. Clark's dialogue with nature and the planet is amazing and uplifting.

Miller does a very good job at establishing Bruce's resentment towards him through the narrative. Why? Because Superman is everything that Bruce is not - and maybe even wishes to be.

When the two men face off, it's more of a one sided-battle. We all know who would win. This exposes Bruce's frustration with the state of the world and being 'powerless' (a bit of irony) as compared to Clark...

"It's over Bruce..."

The real amazing part is when Bruce collapses from a heart attack, Superman sits beside his old friend as the military comes in to apprehend/kill Bruce and says,

'Don't touch him!'

I think Superman is the real unsung hero of DKR.
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