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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - Part 63

Originally Posted by Hush View Post
Yes I do. I'm the one that will go see a movie soley for Aquaman, I'm the one that collects Aquaman back issues, im the one that bought the Flashpoint DVD and the skin on Injustice for Aquaman, I'm the person that had his GF buy him and Aquamn hoodie and t-shirt, I'm the one that cares along with many others. You talk about how there is a stigma with the character oitside of hardcores like me than why wouldn't you cast a Oscar winning actor to avail him of that stigma?

Also to say no one outside of hardcore DC fans cares is just plain wrong, why was his relaunch book in the Top 5 the first year it was out? Why was there a crossover with JL the first year the book was out? Why has he been included in almost every media project since 2010? Why is he getting his one DTV animated movie? There is more interest than you think?
Look I know you do, I'm not saying your opinion is any less valid or that ideally you wouldn't be right, because you would, but in all honesty I don't have the belief (or more importantly WB doesn't) that there are enough fans just like you that not only care about the character on the level that you do but are willing to pay to see that film in theaters, netting it at least 160 domestic.

Regardless of how much interest anyone might think their is in the character, is it strong enough that a radical change in his appearance (if it's that radical at all) or lacking a portrayal by an A lister or a known star (something that not even Superman and Wonder Woman get) will get these said fans riled up to the point they'll lose money at the ticket stand? I remain unconvinced. Yours is an emotional argument, something I'd sympathise with but I'm guessing WB is thinking practical with this choice.

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