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Default Re: "Only a Prime can defeat me" The Fallen Thread!

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
The Guard accuses me of doing equations on the power levels of the TF. But just because Megatron was frozen or whatever, do we have to calculate how much power Prime lost living all this millenia? Come on, lets not get pedantic here.
Its a franchise with a good and a bad guy who are approximately on the same level. Maybe Megatron was frozen, maybe Prime did some burnouts on the streets, do we really need to get into all of this? Do we need to destroy the premise because the director chose a certain plot? That subplot of the frozen Megatron was great imho but if you re gonna go and be a Nolan...

In ROTF Prime and the autobots basically owned everyone. Megatron brought a huge army, a huge decepticon and a god and lost every one of them. The autobots lost an old man and their weakest robot (arcee). Big whoop.
Of course the decepticons are supposed to lose and obviously we dont care for their generic soldiers as much because none of them talks or does anything, but maybe the autobots should at least come badly wounded out of it.

My point is that the first movie was more balanced.
Excellent points. Yet another absurd element of the movie to me.

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