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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

The Entertainment Weekly article does indeed mention "heat vision battles". I would say him dodging the A-10's cannonfire in the trailer is an example of superspeed. I think for a visual medium like film, it is far more practical to show superspeed as relatively slow compared to the comics. Having someone move the speed of light is troubling to show consistently in a visually interesting way on screen. Also, it renders any time we see Superman straining after a falling aircraft or whatever totally pointless since he should be able to overtake his target almost instantaneously. I think the hitchhiking is a manifestation of his struggle with finding a purpose in life. He's not sure why he is here and for what purpose so why should he use his powers on selfish trivial things like getting somewhere faster. He's trying to learn about the world and his place in it, so why shouldn't he pretend to be normal and see what it is why for a normal person to try and get around without money, etc.

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