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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - - - Part 15

Sometimes it was me... although someone else was helping me with spreading ideas, so it wasn`t always me on that account. This is the perfect place to kinda talk about that... We structured it after what is going on with the Mandarin and what might happen. We did reveal bits and pieces of things, like both Mandarins in the movie did... Someone else also used to log into that other account on occasion. This one is for one half of that old LokiD account, that was sort of like a mask, similar to what I`m describing here with Mandarin. This is the real me, the one who was trying to speculate and connect the dots my source was giving me. Badly I might add, but now I`m a little closer to understanding all he said to me... I only showed bits and pieces of the truth, and let my partner try to fill in things from time to time, he would be under the name Loki666 if he was on his own account, and doesn`t post here anymore, or have much contact with me right now. We revealed things through there mixed in with all the other ideas, some of the stuff we said will come true.

Some very real things that could come about still, and some not so real to cover tracks, as well as things that were indeed looked at before changes were made. In the beginning I was under directions to never completely spoil anything. So, there wasn`t only one LokiD, and there`s only one real me... My source was actually close to where Wardell is getting information from, and knows about big set pieces like the Prison break and character info more than small details... While I myself work as a musician, drink lots of wine, and consider myself the Dionysius half of the name combo... Whereas my source was Loki 666, and we technically don`t have multiple accounts, and instead had one shared one at first, then a separate one for him with his Loki666. If a mod is reading this they can delete both those accounts, as this one was created for me, the real me, and for discussing some of what he told me that I still believe. Weeding out all the stuff he made us mix in leaves me with a lot of the stuff he told me about Mandarin disappearing only to return in some bigger way.

With this account Ill be completely honest that I only know bits and pieces of what was said to me through this other person, and am trying to put things in order myself, presenting them mainly as ideas from this account.
This should all be taken as speculation right now anyway because he told me about just how many ways things can go, and how many loose plans they had. For example the Killian the Great reference is not random... and can go either way, it really could be that there is some significance to him calling himself Killian the Great to Pepper.

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