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Default Re: Official: United Football League

Originally Posted by TheOnlyOmega View Post
Does anyone go to these games?

I'm just imaging two crappy teams playing in a dead empty stadium.

Teams are pretty good in league. League doesn't know how to promote is all or pay people on time.

And I read 1,000 at most were in Sacramento. I know in Omaha and Virginia, people go. Last week in Virginia Beach, around 5,300 were at teh game. Only 14K stadium. Last YEAR Omaha and Sac did around 10K. I know the 2nd year in the league, it was 5 team league, Omaha being new team, they did 10-12K a game, looked good on tv.

The attendance is worse this year cause the league announced the season 7-9 days before season began...


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