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Default Re: Bizarro in SR2?

I don't see that going to happen. At least not in the classical way. Bizarro is to much of a Frankenstein's Monster ripoff. Like Metallo doesn't work 'cause people would think "Oh wow, the Terminator!".
It would be a "been there, seen that" situation.

OK, Metallo could at least work as a short-living B villain, created by Brainiac or Lex to distract Supes for a while.

On the other hand, Bizarro might work well if he was created by Mxy, like in the SR game, or if Superman was somehow mentally changed and would act out of character, like in S3. But without a direct Superman vs Superclone confrontation. It'd need to be more like a "multiple personalities" story with Superman going nuts and destroying his reputation. But that would require a strong actor to pull it off, so ... it's not gonna happen, sadly.

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