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Default Re: Bizarro in SR2?

Who says hes created by Mxy in the SR game? In the Bizarro SR Game Featurette, the creators specify that they are using the origin where Bizarro is an imperfect clone of Superman (the TAS origin pretty much).

Honestly, I think Bizarro would look visually cooler and scarier than Metallo. Metallo (in the comic book form) would look too much like a Terminator ripoff with the half human/ half machine thing going. Essentially Metallo wont be able to affect Superman on a personal level, storywise... in the same way Bizarro would.

And I doubt we have enough material to even judge what Routh is capable of at this point. At least it seems like he takes the time to read the stuff posted on sites like bluetights (including any reservations about his performance in SR), he can take these into account for the sequel. He seems to take this very seriously. I doubt you could get the same effort from any other Supes actor.

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