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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000 View Post
I'm going to be guessing that Alice Krige might be playing Hela in this movie based upon the rumor that all the realms are going to be explored in this film. I'm thinking there must be a MacGuffin that causes them to travel around, like getting the Casket back from Malekith? It'll be interesting to see how Loki would explain why he has an adult offspring in the MCU.
See that's what I originally thought, but given how Hela is Loki's daughter, I wasn't so sure if casting an older woman would be the call to make for Hela. Considering Hela looks like a very attractive younger woman. I sorta started to think that darcy very well may be hela. Considering she has an expanded role, and that was a rumor. Though I sort of am starting to slowly come back on board with Krige being Hela, it does make sense to have an older woman being the ruler of hel

come to think of it, in the mcu, it would be kind of odd to see a younger person playing the ruler of hel. So I'm with it, Krige will probably be Hela.

And as for explaining why Loki has an off spring that appears as an adult, don't forget, Loki is probably 1000 years old. we saw Odin pick up Loki in Thor, in the year 963 A.D, so thor and loki are bother older than 1000. which is clearly an adult lol. Even if Hela is only say, 500 years old, that is more than enough time for her to become an adult. I'm sure that thor and Loki have looked as they do now for hundred of years. And Hela appearing as an older looking woman, could be due to the wear and tear of ruling a realm/magic use??

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