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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Savage View Post
No, you're missing the point. What determines whether effort should be put into bringing a character to screen or not should not be determined by how angry the fans will get. When changes are made to Batman or Superman or any of their big time rogues, fans flip out. Adapting Superman and Batman is this big deal where writers are walking on egg shells. Everybody else in the DC universe seems to be fair game because of their lack of popularity and that's not a good way to approach it. Basically if WB had Marvel instead we'd probably never get Iron Man or Thor movies. If Disney had DC we'd probably be on our third Wonder Woman flick by now.

The fact that people go "It's Vertigo. Who cares?" and at the same time "Oh my god! Joker uses paint instead?!" is something that upsets me. Vertigo is a good character who should at least be recognizable and not be given the X-men 3 treatment (See Psylock and Calisto and countless others from that movie).

I'm not gonna pretend that I have an extensive knowledge of GA comics,but Vertigo is presumably one of his top 5 villains.Why water him down?After the Royal Flush Gang,I'm fearing these "good enough" adaptions of future villains.

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