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Default Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 16 "Welcome to the Tombs" Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Evelisse View Post
Well I mean choices were slim for Martinez and Evil Tyreese, kill the Gov, go and hope Rick takes them in? Or try and make it on their lonesome. Maybe they felt Rick wouldn't have them after all they have done, who knows, they've backed the wrong horse. They have seen The Gov get into horrible situations and almost always walked away unscathed. So in the end, they are alive and if brought back next season, they still have the opportunity to be killed by the Gov yet.
Rick might have taken 'em in. Daryl sort of bonded with Martinez back at that meeting between Rick and the Gov. Also they took in Merle, who was considered a threat to the group. I know they took Merle in not only b/c of Daryl, but b/c of what he knows of the Gov. also.

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
What's the point in following the governor?

Again, the character loses most of his importance without anyone to govern. A dictator is nothing without an army / country / people.

Now he's just a crazy guy with a gun. What was that line from the Simpsons "gone mad without power?"

They should have shot him in the back of the head, and joined Rick's group like the others.
I agree with this. And not only both of them are crazy to follow the Gov. but are idiots as well. They had the perfect opportunity to run away or kill the Gov. They decided to do neither b/c they are just as crazy as Phillip is. That (for me) is the only explanation of why they continue to accompany him.

Originally Posted by Blake II View Post
Why would you kill your leader? Especially when you have very similar personalities and beliefs? You really think Martinez, if he were the next governor, would not have prisoners and torture chambers? Those 2 are as crooked as the governor so I expected them to side with him. Ride or die friends right there, true soldiers.
Martinez was just a "loyal" goon that only took orders from the Gov. without asking questions. I always got the impression (before he decided to stay with the Gov.) that he did the Gov's deeds to survive (as well as for Woodbury). He also delved in his past when he was conversating with Daryl. Despite the deeds he'd do for the Gov. he didn't seem too bad of guy.

Also in the mid-season opener Martinez saved a little girl from a walker at the arena when Rick's group threw gas bombs and opened fire on them. The guy wasn't all bad.

And did you see the horrified look on Martinez's face when the Gov. gunned down those people. He was scared and almost started to use his gun in defense, but sadly didn't. When he and the other guy left with the Gov. that's where I questioned Martinez's sanity. I mean who would want to join a maniac who gunned down defenseless people (and just b/c they were whining about nearly dying)? That should've been where the Gov. crossed the line for Martinez b/c now he's killing their own people and not just anybody that's considered a threat to them.

I do agree that he must've been as psychotic as Phillip all along. The other guy is just a grunt. He's a follower so I'd figure he wouldn't do anything. I just expected more from Martnez.

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