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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
^ I believe having just one actress for Selene is the way to go. When she over exerts her powers and ages they can use computers to make the actress age, and then go back to being young when she absorbs someone's life force.

Bellucci is gorgeous, but Selene needs to be a younger actress. Michela Quattrociocche could be good. Sasha Grey? Isn't she a pron star? Um... no, that won't work...

For some reason I could see Michele Rodriguez in this role:

Here is a scary one... could Angelena Jolie pull it off?

Sasha WAS a porn star. She's most recently been doing mainstream roles in films like I Melt With You, The Scribbler and Open Windows.

Michelle Roderiguez would be better as Marrow. She's edgy, Selene is supposed to be somewhat regal. She's not one for fighting people herself, she usually hires or mind controls others to do her bidding.

And yes, if there is a sequel, I'd love to see Marrow appear, her and Fantomex. But Michelle Roderiguez is good at playing the kind of girl who'll beat your face in and then spit on your corpse, that's not at all Selene's style but that's absolutely Marrow.

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