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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
Revived Cast:

Cable- Gerard Butler
Domino- Gina Carano
Deadpool- Ryan Reynolds
Psylocke- Maggie Q

I don't get the love for Maggie Q unless she can pull off a British accent really well as Fox is now looking at spin-offs and Captain Britain might get one. If somebody can prove me wrong and has a vid of Psylocke sounding British, I'd like to see it but for now, my cast is

Cable - Michael Biehn

He's played a time traveler before and is known for taking on roles as a badass. Plus his experience directing makes him a natural lead. I couldn't think of anyone more perfect.

Domino - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

She's done action films before and has the right amount of talent, charm and attitude needed to play everyone's favorite sniper

Deadpool - Ryan Reynolds (he's already cast)

Colossus - Daniel Cudmore (He's already cast)

Psylocke - Elizabeth Tan She's an actual Brit, she's hot, she's Asian, she has acting chops. She's horrible underrated.

Selene - Monica Belucci

She has the right amount of acting ability to portray a lead villain and also has the raw sex appeal despite her age to be Selene

The Dark Riders (in order of spoken lines)
Gauntlet - Darren Shahlavi

When it comes to being a brooding badass who's the field leader for a group of supervillains, this guy's underrated and doesn't have the star power to not be the terribly disfigured, fanged Gauntlet that we all know

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