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Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Some time between the airport scene and the Blackgate one. Blake said she was facing charges from the Senator.
I took it as she was awaiting trial, which made it seem more extreme that they'd throw her in Blackgate. Then again, time is a bit elastic in the film so it's tough to say. I'll buy it though.

Anyhow, in my original post what I said was we have to account for those extra 500 one way or another. Even if you want to argue that the Dent Act did nothing to ease the process of prosecution mob, the point still remains that either more mobsters were locked up over the course of 8 years or that the Dent Act is denying parole to a bunch of other criminals with varying degrees of charges. Either way, the fact that the Dent Act allows the law to throw a female into an all male facility shows that it's infringing on what may be seen as "basic rights" of the criminals. And why would it stop at gender? Better yet why would it START at gender? There are questions just begging to be asked.

Originally Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog View Post
I don't get what's up for debate here
I can't speak for everyone, but what I'm debating is simply that the Dent Act was something more than simply denying the men Dent locked up parole, and therefore its role in putting the mob out of business (as evidenced and implied in TDKR) can be seen as valid. Whether or not you one likes this as a plot device or not has become irrelevant in the discussion, and it seems we're simply debating whether or not Gotham being crime free after 8 years is too great a conceit for the film to make or not.

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