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Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
You're letting your imagination run riot into conjecture that has no proof Batlobster. Two things you mentioned are related to criminals locked up in jail already. You know after they have been captured and sentenced in court. Locking up women in a male jail and no parole.

How does either of those things take 500 more criminals off the streets and stiff them with heavy sentences? Spare the conjecture when you answer that one.
When talking about a political act there would obviously be many laws within it. When the two that are described restrict rights or allow things that are not considered morally allowed in American society, the only logical assumption is that there must be more morally questionable laws that led to the extra inmates, which led directly to the low crime rate. Yes this is 'conjecture' but there is a difference between obvious correlations and the negative way you guys are using the term.

Technically any thought about a film that isn't directly shown or said is conjecture. Hell even the interpretation of a phrase or image is conjecture. When put that way, neither of our interpretations are at all valid, so you neither win nor lose the argument. What a dull way to view art.

Imo what were discussing is an incredibly obvious thing they allude to. It was obvious the very first time i watched it. It fits thematically, story wise, character wise and plot wise. I can see how one might disagree with the choice, but to deny that there is a correlation is confusing to me.

"No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness." - Aristotle

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