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Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
I wonder if MOS does over 900M they'll see the profitability in just continuing it and push back the Justice League again. I can only hope.
Said this in the Justice League forum but it also applies here so I'll restate my view on the whole matter.

WB needs to take their time with MOS and other DC properties individually and then go ahead and make the JL.

No it isn't "copying" Marvel but simple world building and common sense. Making something like this without a single shred of an existing background (or only using MOS as a base and possibly jeopardizing the former on untested and questionable waters) has to be one of the most ill conceived ideas that I've heard of in a while.

There are two groups I feel that support this project with its haphazard developed base. Those who are desperate to see the JL at all cost regardless of quality and WB who's trying to make Avengers type money.

WB should give Superman his own time to shine in his own franchise and dedicate their time in developing the rest of the DC gallery of heroes that have been left to rot all these years. Then and only then should they even consider tackling the Justice League. Putting all these characters on the line at a blatant attempt for a quick buck is not the road that should be followed.

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