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Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
I loved Avengers, some people just have to piss on stuff cause its this DC vs Marvel mentality that I just don't get
It has nothing to do with Marvel vs DC. I hate Marvel vs DC. I've only loved or really liked 2 DC movies (TDK and Watchmen) and I've loved or really liked 8 films based on Marvel films (I'm counting the first sequels to Blade and Spider-Man and Iron Man 3 and X-Men First Class). If anything that is a Marvel bias.

I get on people for bashing other films to prop up another one so I assure you that is not what I'm doing. A lot of people love and compare the Avengers and it's action scenes to every comicbook film. That is fine and totally expected but I only found the film to be decent and although quite a bit of the last battle in NYC is very impressive on the whole I find it to be a bit overrated. I'm saying, what a lot of people and fanboys see as the be all end all action sequence is not that to me, that I think it can be topped by a Zack Snyder directed Man of Steel and frankly I liked Iron Man 3's action scenes better already.

I like Whedon but I do still see T.V in him, you may not and that is fine but I do.

I understand you being leery of any posts like mine but my intention wasn't to bash any film to prop up another one. I'm on your side when it comes to that. But I can't ignore The Avengers when talking about action in comicbook films because it's the most talked about comicbook movie in that regard.

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