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Originally Posted by mohoo View Post

And whether you go JL or MoS2 it shouldn't make a big difference money wise.

That's why I don't think the money is the issue, at least not in 2015 or whenever the next film is.
That's true.The issue is this-WB is a scared of making any non-Superman/Batman movie especially after Greenlantern-but they realise there is money 2be made.They want to minimise the financial risks by having the heroes first appear in a Jl movie.Thats the big advantage Jl has over MOS 2,it can serve a great marketing tool for other heroes

The only way WB will have faith in releasing solo hero movies without a Jl first is if Nolan/Goyer are on board with everyone of them-Thats how scared they are to take risks.

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