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Default Re: Gods & Men: The Ancient Myths: Chapter 1 IC Thread

Roorish, the Lost Elf

I kept my dark hair over my ears so as to not betray my elvish heritage as I approached the Spanish Inn. It was dimly let, and out of the way and I figured I could rent a room for a half floring. I didn't have much money on me and while I generally loathed currency, I recognized that it had its uses. The inn keeper was a stout man, his belly abnormally large and he twirled his dark mustache as I approached.

"One Florings or the horse," he said without hesitation.

"I have but half a floring," Roorish replied. "And I have had a long journey. Could you please reduce your rate?"

" One floring or the horse," he replied steadfastly. Roorish pursed his lips. Could the age of hospitality and chivalry be so dead that a room could not be spared for being minus half a floring!

Roorish lifted his arm and showed his bracelet to the inn keeper. "This bracelet requires you give me lodging for one night gratis under order of the Sacred Tabernacle of the Righteous and Innocent Knights Errant. To deny me a room is to rescind the Kinights' assitance for the rest of your days, your sons days, and your son's son's days."

The inn-keeper looked at him and then his bracelet. "I suspect it a forgery," he finally said.

"Would you rest your livlihood on a suspicion," Roorish replied.

"Here's the of charge."

"Half a floring doesnt sound so bad now does it?"

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