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Default Re: Gods & Men: The Ancient Myths: Chapter 1 IC Thread

The full moon beamed it's pale light down upon the craggy castle, it's dilapidated spires, buttresses, and walls glowing in the eerie light. A wolf-like howl rang out into the chilly night, but the monstrous cry was not heard by the lich who maneuvered down the spiral stairway towards the catacombs of the keep.

Exiting to the floor of a large dimly light by the green glow of magically burning torches, Charaun moved towards the large wooden doors on the other side, not paying any heed to the scattered bones that littered the floor. Carved into the stone above the door was a strange, arcane rune, however the symbol did nothing as the lich pushed open the loudly creaking doors and entered the adjacent room.

Another large room, it held more of the same magically burning torches as found in the previous one, which stood in steel holders along the rows of stone pillars on either side of the room. Still, the other edges of the room remained dark, and many pairs of yellow glowing eyes shined in the blackness.
The pillars led up to an alter that was as extravagant as it was horrid, adorned with the the polished skulls of humanoid creatures and adorned in a cloth-like covering of large, red colored feathers. At this alter knelt a petite woman with her hands raised to the sky holding a goblet made out of gold and shaped to look like a screaming skull. The woman could be heard whispering prayers to some dark figure under her breath, and the goblet began to glow. As her voice rose, a blue flame appeared above the goblet, crackling and burning, but emitting no heat.

Finally, after several more minutes of reciting her prayer, the the flame burst in a silent, small fireball that did no damage to the woman or the alter. The blue burst of light was enough to illuminate the room, albeit briefly. If one looked towards the darkened corner, they could see that the yellow eyes belonged to gargoyle-like creatures, but they were not gargoyles. They were nabassu, devils of Baator and servants of the Demon Lord of the Undead, Orcus.

As the flame disappeared, the woman slowly brought the goblet down to her lips and drank it's contents. Placing the goblet on the alter, the woman rose to her feet.

"Greetings, my lord", she questioned as she turned around to regard Charaun, who had remained silent and still through the ritual.

She was a beautiful creature, by human standards. She was small, but shapely, and her dark, luscious hair flowed down and curled around her shoulders. Her pale skin was unblemished and smooth, appearing as though it were made of the finest silk. Her light green eyes shined with deadly desire, but, behind her rose red lips lay a pair of long fangs signifying her true nature.

She was a vampire.

"Greetings to you, my dear Anastasia", replied Charaun with a courteous bow.

"I see I missed the ritual."

"Yes", Anastasia replied in her honeyed voice, "but do not worry, you did not miss much. I merely conversed with a minion of the master, nothing more."

"And did you discover it's location?"

The vampire smiled, showing her ivory fangs and the blood still staining them from the goblet's contents, "I did."

"Excellent", laughed Charaun, the lich's chuckle echoing eerily off the stone walls of the room.

"Where is the tome?"

"It is in the small library of a village in Southern Scotland, called Ardara. How it arrived to be in such a hovel, I do not know. I suspect the mortals do not know what it is they truly have."

"All the more reason to take it from their undeserving hands", stated Charaun as the crimson light in his eyes shinned brightly.

"Demons! Come", roared the lich as he spun around to regard the shadowy corner and the seven nabassu demons emerging from it.

"Go to the town of Ardara and bring me that book. Slaughter all who get in your way!"

The demons smiled vile grins at the latter comment of potential butchery.

"Do not fail me! Now go!"

The demons roared and disappeared in a flash of yellow light, re-materializing outside the castle thanks to their innate ability to teleport. With speed to rival a peregrine falcon, the demons made all haste towards the Brittish Isles. Within a day they would reach the Scottish town of Ardara, and carnage would begin...

"Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way."

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