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Default Re: Gods & Men: The Ancient Myths: Chapter 1 IC Thread

Originally Posted by JinnSato View Post
After a few days of riding Linken comes to a village. It's a small farming village like many in Europe. He gives a lazy yawn as he strodes in on his horse. He stops next to an old man.

"Hey old man. Could you point me in the direction of the closest stables??"

The man shows him. Linken thanks him and he moves on. He finds the stables and put Rocket up. He seems uneasy about staying there.

"Hey calm down buddy. You're only stying here for a couple of days. Or at least when there's trouble. And that won't be long considering our luck."

After a few minutes of patting and talking he calms down. Linken walks around the village taking in the sites. He sees a pub called the Dusty Dragon. He walks in.
He walks into the bar. He catches a few stars because of his strange green cloths. He walks up to the bar. There he sees a startling beautiful barmaid. She had long thick red hair. And big pretty eyes. Linken couldn't take his eyes off of her. He sits at the bar.

"What'll ya have hon??"

"I'll have a pint lil' lady."

She begins pouring him his drink. She than hands it to him and begins drinking.

"Some good stuff ya got here." He says and gives her a wink.

"Sorry but thats not going to work with me."

"Well can I have your name??"

"No." She then walks off attending to another person.

Wow. Linken thinks while staring at her butt. I think I like this town. He smirks and then goes back to his drink.


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