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Default Re: Iron Man 2 Score

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Eh whatever. Constantly annoyed with these movies always changing hands with composers and there never being any big consistent themes.
Uh, Djawadi's score wasn't great anyway -- I could not remember a theme or anything else in Iron Man. And Favreau usually collaborates with Debney on all of his other pics anyway (Zathura, Elf), so Debney's likely to score Iron Man 3 and The Avengers if Favreau directs those as well. No need to worry about the composer changing with every movie there.

And Debney's a big showy composer. There should be a nice, heroic theme for Iron Man by the time we see the movie next May. And if anyone questions how good he is, listen to the Mummy 3 clips on his website or blind-buy the 2-CD Cutthroat Island soundtrack.

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