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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Solid film but the main thing annoyed me was the final Bane Batman confrontation...

Close up crap choreography, I couldn't tell half the time what kind of moves were being done... THe first Bane vs Batman fight was great, clear camera shots of who was hitting who... WTF Was Nolan thinking on the second one...

Lastly, the second fight should have been CLEARLY Batman's to win and not let Catwoman save his ass. Yes he won the initial brawl but after the stabbing by Talia and with the gun pointed at him, he should have somehow pissed Bane off or distracted him, kicked him and tumble back to throw a couple of Batarangs at Bane's mask and take him down fully and we have Batman standing victorious... cue epic Batman music.

Or just have Talia as she begins to put the screws onto Bane's mask actually betray even Bane, and actually unscrews more of the hinges on the mask and leaves Bane for dead as Bane finds he is betrayed by the one he loves.. that would have been a FAR more fitting ending. Then as Talia's switch fails, she leaves and Catwoman emerges and helps Batman get to his feet and to the Bat and then cue big chase

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