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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Originally Posted by zman View Post
exactly. Nolan liked «The Dark knight returns», so that was his template, for better or worse. To me what I like the least is the beggining and the end of the movie, cause I feal that's what the most out of character for me. Heck, the ending to «The Dark knight returns» was much better and could have been applied here, just imagine how cool of a mentor Bruce would have been.

...any comment on what I wrote above?
I honestly feel alot of the movie was out-of-character for the franchise, even though I'm not sure I can put a specific finger on it.

It felt anti-climatic, in that we get the impression that the Dark Knight didn't go on from the previous movie to fight crime from the shadows, while still evading the police, but rather, he gave up entirely and retired the Batman altogether.

That was certainly out of character for Bruce Wayne / Batman. Especially given the monolouge from Gordon at the end of Dark Knight while Batman is speeding away on his Batcycle.

Then, you also have the whole knee injury thing. That seems to come out of left field and doesn't make much sense. We don't have any indication that his fall with Harvey damaged his leg, as he had no problems running at the end of Dark Knight, but now, he can't walk without a cane? And then, it's all miraculously solved with a mechanical strap-on knee brace?

So, we have battered and broken Batman who gave up and retired, and began brooding and retreating from the world. Suddenly, he's going back into action. That's out of character, based on the buildup from the beginning of the movie, because since he retired the Bat, and became a hermit, why would he even care about what happens? Wouldn't he be a bit more apathetic? It seems like a bit of a duse ex moment where the entire first part of the film is tossed out, and suddenly the Bat is back in action.

Then you have the end with Robin. The way the movie ends would be the most brilliant setup for another movie, if we all didn't know for a fact that Nolan is leaving the franchise, Bale is out, and for all we know, we won't see another Batman movie for at least a decade. So, why build up a sequel that will never happen? Why not instead leave a bit of mystery about the final fate of Batman, and perhaps elude to Batman not dying via a short montage of news clips / victim interviews, etc, where Batman becomes the urban legend, the hero in the shadows, and the Bat eternal?

Like I said above, I thought it was a good movie, but it wasn't my favorite of the trilogy, and it left me with alot of questions and concerns about the storyline as a whole.

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