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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Originally Posted by Mandalore464 View Post
It annoyed me to no end as well. But not because of the reason you mentioned.

I don't know how anyone can say "Batman clearly won this fight". And I'm talking about the "initial brawl" here, yes, because I have no issue with Catwoman blasting Bane into oblivion later on.

But during the fight, Batman only landed a couple of hits that set the pipes loose on Bane's mask. But I'd say Bane still had the upper hand physically.

He's the one who keeps landing punches throughout this fight. He forces Batman into a corner and slams his fists repeatedly in his belly.

That's what annoyed me a lot. Bane still is the superior fighter. Batman is only the intelligent/lucky fighter who manages to disable his opponent through a few hits to the mask. Perhaps this could have been avoided by making the pipes more difficult to break. After all, Batman landed a lot of punches during their first encounter, all on Bane's face / mask, and nothing happened. So basically, we don't get why Batman would win the second fight, by doing exactly the same thing he did in the first : hitting Bane's face a few times, and taking a lot of punishment...

With the number Bane did on him earlier in the film, I would have liked Batman to kick Bane's arse to the point he wouldn't have even been able to stand up straight. I'm talking major bones broken. I'm talking not letting Bane even land a single punch through violent counters. I'm talking "You don't get it, son. This is an operating table." I can take you any day.

To me, Bane would have won this fight again had it not been for his mask betraying him. He still is the superior fighter.
Eh, I used to see it your way, in that Bane landed more punches and therefore, hes a better fighter.

Then after watching multiple viewings of the first fight, I realized its not the quantity of punches, but the quality. In the first fight, Batman gets plenty of blows in on Bane....but they dont really faze him. Same with the second fight. Bane gets alot of blows in on Bats....but unlike the first fight, none of them are able to stop Batman. None of them have him crawling on the ground. When Bane knocks Bats down on the steps, Bats quickly springs up again.

Batman in general did not seem to be affected by Bane's assault in the second fight. He even blocks those flurry of punches that Bane gave to him. Compare that to the first fight where we saw the effects of Bane's blows on Bats. Compare that to aftermath of Joker's assault on Batman during the TDK climax, where Bats ends up talking to Joker nearly out of breath.

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