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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Originally Posted by lastairbender View Post
. . . theres too many secondary characters . . . and theres not enough batman.
I completely agree. Watching a 2.75-hour "Batman" movie, I want more Bat-action in it. They should've ditched John and Miranda/Talia as secondary characters, because time had to be given to developing those characters' subplots--time that could've been given to Batman running around Gotham making his comeback during the first half or third of the film.

That comeback could've included--as in the original Knightfall trilogy--Bane releasing a host of criminals from either Arkham or Blackgate, thus (a) providing viewers with way more Bat-action, and (b) wearing Batman down before he faces Bane. And Bane could still have been part of the League of Shadows, and could have already had agents in Gotham infiltrating various corporations as well as government offices--thus unearthing some secrets of Wayne Enterprises--including Fox's stash of weapons and Tumblers. I'd suggest that such a discovery would also lead a smart guy like Bane to surmise that Bruce Wayne is Batman (or he could already have known via communication with Ra's al Ghul).

The final Bane-Batman showdown also could've been written and choreographed better, in three ways. (1) Give Batman a more dramatic arrival in front of City Hall than simply walking up to Bane after the mob fight has already started. I'd suggest having him on the roof of City Hall (or an adjacent building), drop down with his cape outspread (as in Batman Begins)--and "touch down" by slamming into Bane. (One way in which Nolan has disappointed me in these movies is by failing to give Batman a splashy, dramatic entrance, like smashing through a skylight as in Batman '89.)

This could've been a hugely dramatic moment if the lesser-armed gang of cops was intimidated about taking on Bane's soldiers--until the Bat shows up and inspires them to begin fighting! Instead they were already fighting and then Batman just kinda strolls into the action.

(2) Have the Bane-Batman rematch go longer while showcasing the master fighting skills of these two guys who were both trained by Ra's al Ghul. It seemed too much like a down-and-dirty street fight between thugs. It shoud've been more than that.

(3) Do justice to Bane's character by not having him go down to gunfire from the Batpod--and do justice to Batman by not having Catwoman show up in the nick of time to save his life.

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