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Default Re: Legit Military Training or something Darker?

Hmmm...I think that we have more to worry about from Civilian led militia groups, most of them being ex military soldiers, who are very paranoid thinking that the United States is under attack. You see them on the television all too much. The proper term for these people are Survivalists. I think it's A&E that has a show about these sorts where these people blatantly flaunt caches of weapons and stockpile food which they gladly tell the camera crew they will fight to the death to save from marauders. It's almost like a zombie apocalypse is a very real thing in their minds with hoards of people descending upon their compounds and taking their possessions. Fueled by beer and blunts the paranoia is even worse because of how poisoned their barins are. There is no sense of logic with these people. They are quite akin to the level of paranoia the citizens of Salem showed during the Witch Trials. Any monumentally large positive change in society is always met with that level of fear because people fear enlightened ascension to a higher purpose so to speak. And the reaction to fear is always aggression. Civilian Paramilitaries here in this country are a huge threat to our safety. You can see the result of that level of paranoia and fear on the news with all the shootings of unarmed American citizens they are claiming to protect.

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