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Default Re: The Joker's background?

Originally Posted by finalrelief View Post
I'm going with The Joker really does not remember his past due to an event that made him crazy.
Thats how I always took it as well, mainly because thats how it was in The Killing Joke. He's just nuts and doesn;t remember or makes up stories that he believes in himself. As for Joker character's definite origins in comic books, Im taking Bob Kane's/Killing Joke's. Theres no denying that this is his official origins, no matter how much DC would like to spin it now. They have been his official origins for decades, and then restated in TKJ. For those who think that the origins shown in The Killing Joke arent real and are some kind of an homage instead, I suggest picking up "Images" by Dennis O'Neil or read some interviews with Alan Moore

As for Joker's origins in the movie, I think its one of the most interesting aspects. I wonder if he went mad after getting the scars or if it was something he got later. They couldnt have been done the way he was saying, whats on his face is not a Glasgow smile. The scars are on his cheeks only, they dont run from the lips. And then theres more interesting questions - if someone did it to him, who was it and why?

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