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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Well put, JaD.

The original Clayface from 1941 or whatever, Basil Karlo. He (maybe updated for the times) would work in Nolans universe. If i recall, he was just a man with a mask on at first.

But the problem is that Nolan asked Goyer back in the Begins era, "who can we use from the rogues gallery?" And Goyer told him about some of the fantastical villains LIKE a Clayface or Killer Croc...but he described their fantasy based characterizations instead of the realistic ones. Nolan obviously turned them down because they were too far-fetched. It's cuz they weren't realistic enough, yes. But it's more difficult to explain these things to an audience and have them buy into it.

A man who has a skin condition then becomes a giant monster who dwells in the sewers and is practically a cannibal. You can do better in explaining a man who wears a sack over his head who's in possession of a drug/chemical that affects your mind, making you hallucinate. Triggering things from the brain to surface. Like your fears & anxieties.

The Bat isn't very realistic but with proper explanation of how it works and making it "hover" more like a helicopter than an's easier to digest. And that's the point of Nolans world. Not completely realistic but things are more plausible. People's reactions are more natural as well. Cops, citizens, etc. We see more human elements and normal reactions to weird things. Making it feel realistic. Or at least way more realistic than the Burtons and Shumachers. It doesnt mean that us fans all think any of this stuff can happen in everyday life.

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