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Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
Not too impressed with the comic. All the Kryptonians basically sound like us using expressions like 'sweet dreams' and 'eye for an eye'. Like that's common writing 101 not to do silly stuff like that. I blame Geoff Johns.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
So Kara's ship is the one that lands on Earth. It isn't shown what happens to her but she's in the pilot seat when they crash land. Earth was not it's original destination. But somehow Jor-El must learn that it landed on Earth because he sent Kal-El there with the key to find and unlock it. This is way too confusing. And I'm not really sure how 'canon' we're to believe it is. I mean I know Goyer is credited as a writer but as far as I'm concerned, until it is explicit on film it is not canon.
Not that wordings like that bothers me personally (I see the Kryptonian dialogue as translated to us with idioms and such we recognize even though the Kryptonian grammar and such probably would be way different), but note that while the story is from Goyer, Snyder and Johns, they are not the ones doing the actual scripting to the story.

And blaming Johns for bad writing? Johns is great imo.

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