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Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
Yeah so kara lived on Earth thousands of years ago.

I'm not buying this. I feel like it's just a Easter-eggery (Kara, Thanagarians) type prequel that provides what could work as backstory for the scout ship on Earth and not clash with the narrative of MOS. The movie is surely not going to go into any of this however. We will just see the ship crash land in the arctic.

I consider it about as canon as all the Star Wars novels that have been released and continued the story of Luke, Leia and Han and whatever. Watch how Episode 7 is going to completely disregard all of them.

If they were to to go about bringing in Kara into the sequels which I very much doubt, they could use this as a base, but through the scripting process of different people giving it a pass and rewrites, plus casting influencing the direction they go in, it will no doubt be very different.

I stand that it's just a fun easter egg type 'prequel' that Goyer plotted that fills some blank spot of the movie. But I don't consider it canon.
Yeah, I was just saying in the Supergirl thread it could very well just tie-in in the comics and they don't have to deal with Supergirl at all in MOS, unless they want to in the future.

I am not entirely sure of the story in the comics as I have yet to read it, but it's not thousands of years ago that it landed is it?

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