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Default Re: Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

Originally Posted by kthevs View Post
It was made painfully obvious. She ended up with his mother's pearls, and before that they had a passionate kiss and she asked him to run away with her. Perhaps you need a second veiwing. The book also does a great job of showing their growing bond. Selina also fills the role of "wife" in the cafe scene because Alfred always told him he hoped to see him there with a wife and possibly some kids. Not to mention that it's Bruce and Selina. The most iconic couple in the batman mythos. As for your empty kiss comment... yeah, you really need to watch the movie again. Their second kiss was meant to be very passionate, and it was meant to show us how her feelings have changed. The official novel also makes it a point to show how it's different from the first kiss, how's it;'s not a challenge anymore but is very tender and yet strong. The book also does a great job of showing us how guarded Selina is. She always puts up barriers to keep people out, so the fact that she asks Bruce to run away with her is a huge, huge deal. She's actually letting someone in,

Who cares about the novel?

And I've seen the movie multiple times. There's a difference between something being 'meant' to do something, and the actual execution of it.

Nolan left it vague. He hinted at a possible romance, but we barely ever saw it. It could have just as easily been a friendship.

The buildup to the 'romance' was weak too. It wasn't believable that they would have a future together. They barely hit it off romantically in this film.

Bruce and Selina as a 'couple' was really something that *could* have happened offscreen towards the end, but it was really never portrayed onscreen. It almost shouldn't qualify in this poll for that reason.

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