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Default Re: Am I the only one who feels like B'89 is vastly overrated?

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
I think we'll see the total transformation in Ledger's Joker more than Bale's Bruce.
because bruce and joker are two different persons? holy comiccontinuity, batman!

i don't know if batman 89 is overrated, but i don't like it. and that's not because of the matter of fact that i'm a "batman begins" fanboy, i never liked the old filmseries anyway, mostly bcause of the fact that they all felt too much like any random superhero movie - IN MY OPINION - and i'm not really a fan of superheromovies at all, not even a real fan of superheroes. i just love batman, and begins was - IMO - closest to what "i" expect from a batman movie. overall - it was okay, though, 'wouldn't say it is one of my favorite movies.

it's pretty funny if people say that everybody should love and respect batman 89, because without it, we wouldn't have got begins. are you serious? do you reall think that nobody would ever have got the idea of making batman movie like begins without burton? well, if that's really what you think, fine... i respect it for being an important movie to many people, and i respect it for bringing superhero-movie to a darker and much more serious status-quo, but didn't superman-the movie already do that?

besides that: my favorite bruce wayne ever is val kilmer, come and bash me.

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