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Default Re: The ‘Batman’ Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
Am just going to come out and say it...

I don't want Batman to be black. I'm not racist, I'm just a simple-minded purist in that regard.

Like I would hate if a white actor played Blade.

I want to find actors who look the part and can perform the part.
There are actors out there who fit both those criteria's.

Was I miffed about Joker being painted? A bit.
Was I miffed Lois Lane was ginger? A bit.

But I found excuses why it's OK.
Joker could have been painted white for all everybody knew in his first appearance, because it wasn't until later it showed he fell into chemicals.
And Lois WAS a red head back in the day.

Perry White being black?
Didn't bother me, because I knew his introduction into comics was via radio, so he could have been any race or whatever.

But those characters have never had a definite iconic look, not for people to really care.

But characters, Batman and Superman are white, they have features that are memorable. They are iconic in every regard. So therefore, some of us, not all of us want to see actors who look like or close to the comics.

And I believe Batman should be played by a white actor, just I believe Blade should be played by a black actor. Because that is an iconic character with an iconic look.
While I would be open to seeing a different take on the characters , including race , I can understand those who would want to maintain the establish general look of certain characters. You're arguement is actually the arguement I've been waiting to see on ths board ,because its the strongest position and makes the most sense imo.

The other arguements i've seen for not having Fishburne as Perry or a woman as Jimmy for example, usually fall apart often imo because they're based on weak foundations and overly complicated explanations.

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